June 9, 2016 (ET)

Strategies to Prevent, Reduce, and Mitigate Bus Collisions

Florida exceeds the national rate for rear-ended transit bus collisions, and it matches it for side impact collisions. The Center for Urban Transportation Research recently completed a study that tried to determine the causes of these types of collisions and come up with strategies to reduce them. The study was funded by the Florida Department of Transportation. CUTR examined collision data for 17 Florida transit and conducted interviews with key agency staff. While the report concluded that there is neither a smoking gun nor a silver bullet to transit bus collisions (i.e. no single cause and no single solution), it did make six recommendations and cited one best agency practice. This CUTR webinar highlights the study’s findings and recommendations. Download Handout | Download Report

Presenters: Brian Pessaro, Center for Urban Transportation Research

Brian Pessaro is a Senior Research Associates on the Transit Management and Innovation Team at Center for Urban Transportation Research (CUTR). He has 18 years of experience as a transportation planner and has been at CUTR since 2009. His areas of research include bus safety, bus rapid transit, vehicle automation technology in transit, tolled managed lanes, and MPO planning. Prior to joining CUTR, he worked at the Florida Department of Transportation and at the San Diego Association of Governments.



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