January 21, 2016 12:00PM (ET)

Surprising Drug Trends in 2016

Becoming informed is the first step in keeping your workplace safe and free from the risks that substance abusers pose.  This webinar session will educate participants in the surprising recent drug trends and the paraphernalia associated with today’s drug use.  Please be advised that graphic images and videos will be included in the webinar presentation. Download Handout

Presenter: Diana Byrnes (C-SAPA), Center for Urban Transportation Research, University of South Florida

Diana Byrnes is a Certified Substance Abuse Program Administrator (C‐SAPA) who began her career in the field of substance abuse management as a Senior Account Manager and an MROA (Medical Reviewer Officer-Assistant) with one of the nation’s largest third-party administrators.

For the past twelve years, Diana has been the project manager for the Florida Department of Transportation’s Substance Abuse Management Oversight and Technical Assistance Program administrated by the Center for Urban Transportation Research at the University of South Florida in Tampa. Diana monitors transit agency compliance to drug and alcohol testing regulations, delivers training and has developed program implementation aids, training materials and policies for the agencies she serves.

Ms. Byrnes is also a Transportation Safety Institute (TSI) Lead Instructor and has presented on the topic of substance abuse management at various national and regional conferences sponsored by leading transportation industry groups including the American Public Transportation Association (APTA); the Transportation Research Board (TRB); the National Transit Institute (NTI) and the Federal Transit Administration (FTA).



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