June 11, 2015 12:00PM (ET)

What do you do now for NTD sampling with Circular 2710.1A being withdrawn?

In a recent policy decision, the FTA rescinded Circular 2710.1A and no longer pre-approves the sampling plans in this circular. Giving the options of sampling every day, every other day, etc., these highly structured sampling plans had served many agencies over many years and had been largely institutionalized into the data programs of individual agencies. Many of these agencies may want to keep using such structured sampling plans to avoid costly changes to their data program, including the potential need to modify commercial software they already use. To help these agencies, the National Center for Transit Research (NCTR) developed a free, simple, and effective Excel-based tool for them to customize the structured sampling plans in Circular 2710.1A to their local conditions. This webcast introduces this tool and shows how agencies can use it to evaluate what they can do now for NTD sampling in relation to structured sampling plans similar to those in Circular 2710.1A. View Handout

Presenter: Xuehao Chu, PhD, Senior Research Associate, CUTR



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