The street environment needs safety improvements for pedestrians and bicyclists, including in the vicinity of bus stop locations.  While public transit agencies are only required to provide facilities in compliance with the federal Americans with Disabilities Act within transit property, bus stop facilities also must connect to the adjacent street and sidewalk. Recent guidance from the Federal Transit Administration makes bike paths and sidewalks in the vicinity of transit stops an eligible capital expense for federal funds and transit agencies are expected to coordinate with local and state government and property owners on whose properties bus stops are located.  There is a lack of detailed guidance on how public transit agencies should coordinate and what role is appropriate for transit agencies to assume in the process. This project will provide findings and recommendations for determining the public transit agency’s appropriate role as a stakeholder in the provision of bicycle and pedestrian safety improvements beyond public transit property, which also enhance access to transit service and increase ridership. The project tasks include a review of current guidance, policies, rules and funding mechanisms of the Federal Transit Administration and the Federal Highway Administration regarding coordination. CUTR will review types of pedestrian and safety enhancements that have been provided in the vicinity of transit stops in Florida and interview District representatives of Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), as well as representatives of transit agencies and host local governments that have jurisdiction over the property and street environment in which public transit service operates.  The interview process will document existing coordination processes and agency roles, and identify challenges and potential best practices.  In addition, the project will host three forums to solicit input from stakeholders about how coordination should be improved, how effective coordination performance can be measured, how public transit agencies can coordinate with law enforcement to promote safe walking and bicycling behaviors, and the potential role for public transit agencies in pedestrian safety education.  Findings and recommendations will be prepared in a report and presented to the Florida Public Transportation Association.

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