This project is a community‐based social marketing (CBSM) approach to influencing travel behavior. This CBSM approach is similar to other CBSM efforts which have been successfully used to influence behaviors such as recycling, and energy and water conservation. The project’s focus is to identify and encourage targeted neighborhoods to change the way they travel and to be less reliant on single occupancy vehicle trips. This task will review similar CBSM efforts (e.g. SmartTrips in Portland, Way to Go Seattle, and TravelSmart in Australia) to build upon the lessons learned from similar efforts in other communities.

This project will reduce household vehicle miles of travel and vehicle trips in the peak periods by applying the following strategies at the household level:

  • Reducing the share of car driving, especially single occupant vehicle travel
  • Increasing the frequency and duration of carpooling
  • Shifting car driving to off-peak periods
  • Increasing the frequency and distance of walking trips
  • Increasing bicycle use
  • Increasing use of transit
  • Increasing vehicle occupancy
  • Increasing the use of technology as substitute for travel
  • Increasing frequency of trip chaining

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