October 16, 2014 12:00PM (EST)

Internal Trip Capture for Mixed-use Developments

Internal trip capture refers to a reduction of trips to and from a mixed-use development resulting from the proximity of complementary land uses within the development. Nationwide, there have been efforts to enhance both the data availability and estimation methodologies to estimate internal trip capture rates. Sponsored by the Florida Department of Transportation, this research project focused on: obtaining additional detailed internal trip capture data for mixed-use developments in Florida, analyzing the characteristics of the internal trip capture process, and contributing to the available data on internal trip capture.  This webcast will provide the project background, data collection methodology, internal trip capture data analysis results, and research findings. The webcast will also offer recommendations to practitioners on how to best use the latest method and available data to estimate internal trip capture rates for mixed-use developments. View Handout | View Report

Presenter: Dr. Pei-Sung Lin, P.E., PTOE, FITE is the Program Director of ITS, Traffic Operations and Safety at USF’s Center for Urban Transportation Research



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