This study details the development of a series of improvements to the Trip Reduction Impacts of Mobility Management Strategies (TRIMMS™) model.

Abstract: TRIMMS now estimates a wider range of emission pollutants and incorporates a new module that evaluates the impact of land use strategies on transit patronage. TRIMMS uses the emission inventory of the Environmental Protection Agency Motor Vehicle Emission Simulator (MOVES2010a). This model enables the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), transit agencies, Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPO) and local communities to conduct cost‐benefit assessments for most of the strategies identified in the FDOT-sponsored Transit Ozone‐Reduction Strategies Toolbox, without the cost and expertise required by more sophisticated models.

Download the final report. Download the TRIMMS model and user manual. For more information, contact Sisinnio Concas at or Philip Winters at

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