June 2, 2011 The Urban Partnership Agreement and the Congestion Reduction Demonstration are two congestion relief programs sponsored by USDOT. They awarded $1.3 billion in discretionary funds to six cities that submitted aggressive congestion relief strategies. These strategies had to include what USDOT referred to as the 4T’s: Tolling, Transit, Telecommuting, and Technology. The six cities that were awarded funds included Miami, Atlanta, Minneapolis, Seattle, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. Many of the projects include converting high occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes to high occupancy toll (HOT) lanes and adding extra transit service. This webcast provides an overview of the 4T strategies being employed in each location. It also highlights the transit results seen so far in the two cities that have gone operational: Miami and Minneapolis. Download a PDF copy of the presentation.

Presented by: Brian Pessaro, AICP, Senior Research Associate, Center for Urban Transportation Research



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