Pamela Lapaugh, ADM Senior Administrative Clerk

        Pamela Lapaugh

Phone: (813) 974-7891





Senior Administrative Clerk for the Center for Urban Transportation Research.

I have served as a member of our support staff at CUTR for 20 years and directly report to Kenneth Short, Director of CUTR Business Services

I am responsible for a wide range of tasks in support of CUTR’s hundred plus employees.


Office/Facilities Coordinator/Sr. Assistant                                     March 1995 – Present

Center for Urban Transportation Research, College of Engineering, University of South Florida

Specific roles include:

  • Specific roles include:
    • Serves as back up to unit receptionist
    • Manages office supplies
    • Manages printed materials for the organization
    • Assists in obtaining quotes for external printing services
    • Prepares purchase order worksheets (PRS) for supplies & printed matter
    • Assembles and binds documents or reports
    • Burns CDs of final deliverables: CUTR/NCTR
    • Oversees publication and report archiving for our- CRIC resource library
    • Responds to external request for reports, publications, and other documents
    • Responds to online request for CUTR/NCTR publications, and other documents
    • Coordinates research proposal approval process and other approvals
    • Oversees scanning of proposal into CUTR’s internal data base system
    • Oversees space inventory data base
    • Orders keys/building access (swipe) for new hires
    • Sorts and delivers mail throughout organization
    • Vouching domestic and international mail
    • Makes campus-wide deliveries
    • Coordinates with USPS on bulk mailings
    • Coordinates with UPS on overnight and international packages
    • Oversees unit copies, fax binding machines and golf cart
    • Oversees the set-up of offices

    Outside Activity: Committee Member for the Tampa Bay Black Heritage Festival, Founder Dr. Charles Wright