• CUTR is located on the USF-Tampa Campus

  • National Bus Rapid Transit Institute

    CUTR is home to the National Bus Rapid Transit Institute.

  • CUTR is home to the National Center for Transit Research

  • National Center for Transit Research

    CUTR includes 45 full time reseachers and nearly the same number of students

  • CUTR hosts the annual professional development workshop for transit professionals in conjunction with FDOT and FPTA.

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The Center for Urban Transportation Research (CUTR), established in 1988, has become recognized nationally and serves as an important resource for policymakers, transportation professionals, the education system, and the public. With emphasis on developing innovative, implementable solutions to transportation problems, CUTR provides high quality, objective transportation expertise in the form of technical support, policy analysis, and research support that translates directly into benefits for its project sponsors.
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