Transit Research Program Director


Areas of Expertise

Public Transportation

Systems Evaluation

Transportation Planning

Planning Process Design

Policy Analysis

Mobility Needs Analysis

Travel Behavior

Economic Impacts


Representative Experience

         Conducted economic impact studies

         Conducted travel behavior analysis

         Conducted strategic transportation planning

         Investigated transit system performance

         Conducted transportation policy research, managed transit research program

         Evaluated transportation management organization and coordination

         Developed assessment of public transit needs

         Managed patronage forecasting model development program

         Directed transit systems planning program

         Managed ridership forecast production

         Conducted economic and financial analysis studies

         Managed interagency coordination of transportation planning

         Conducted fare and parking policy studies

         Conducted operating and maintenance cost studies

         Developed energy management programs

         Prepared short and long range operating and capital budgets

         Researched land use/transportation interrelationships

         Conducted alternatives analysis studies

         Conducted site selection and planning studies


Previous Positions

Manager, Systems Planning/Manager, Long Range Planning/Interim Director, Service Planning/Senior Rail Planner, Dallas Area Rapid Transit

Transportation Planning Specialist/Sr. Transportation Planner, Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority

Instructor, Principal Investigator, Research Assistant, Northwestern University



Ph.D., Civil Engineering (Transportation), Northwestern University

M.S.C.E., Urban Systems Engineering, Northwestern University

B.S.C.E., Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Wisconsin